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About FirstHeart

Heart diseases are rapidly spreading throughout the globe like an epidemic. As per the World Heart Federation data, they have become the number one killer worldwide and are responsible for over 17 million deaths globally every year. Low and middle income countries like ours are now most affected. There is really an urgent need for systematic and scientific approach to the management of these dreaded but sadly common heart diseases. 

At FirstHeart™ Cardiac Super Speciality Center, our team of specialist doctors will help you not only in the treatment of your heart illness but also guide you about the appropriate nutrition, preventive and rehabilitative aspect. Our team has super-specialty consultants who are well qualified and trained in highly advanced skills of procedures like angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker implantation and cardiac surgeries. If that is required they will provide you appropriate guidance for the same. Thus at FirstHeart™ Cardiac Super Speciality Center, you will get a comprehensive 360° cardiac care.


At FirstHeart™ Cardiac Super Speciality Centre, we are committed to our responsibility in helping people fight against heart diseases and live the most fulfilling life.


To provide complete heart care solution under one roof with highly qualified professionals and dedicated staff.


To achieve excellence in heart care services by offering unique expertise, state of the art technology and outstanding patient care.

Our Values









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