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Varicose Vein Treatment


What it is?

It is a condition where the superficial veins of our body get abnormally swollen. This is usually seen in
the legs.

Why it happens?

Normally the blood in the veins flow only in one direction (towards the heart) and this is facilitated by
the presence of valves (like doors that open only on one side) at variable distances.
When these valves become dysfunctional (damaged or opening on both sides), then blood starts getting
accumulated in the veins in dependent locations of the body such as the legs. This is externally seen as
swollen veins or the varicose veins.

What problem it causes?

1. Pain and heaviness in legs.
2. Cosmetically very unpleasant.
3. Ulcers in the legs.

How to treat?

1. If the problem is mild, then some leg exercises and leg elevations may be enough for managing
the problem.
2. In advanced cases, more definitive treatment will be needed:

  • Laser therapy

  • Surgical treatment

Please consult your doctor to know which of these will be the most appropriate treatment for you.

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